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Title: 100ml aluminium tins for sale
Post by: Karen M on August 01, 2013, 07:38:30 AM


I have changed some of my product lines so as a result have a number of brand new 100ml Aluminium tins/ lids which I am offering at 53p per tin, which I have built up which I now no longer require.

The containers are EPA (Epoxy Phenolic*) coated with this special resin on the inside so the Aluminium will not come in direct contact with your product and therefore there is no chance of reaction or oxidisation with your product. The EP lined aluminium makes the aluminium jar suitable for most product types including water based, oil based and solvent based products.

I would be happy to send any particular number of tins if anyone is interested and would alongside the cost of the tins, only request posting charged by Royal Mail.

With many thanks

Karen M