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Title: Polly's earings
Post by: Loretta on April 10, 2013, 03:33:37 PM
I am not sure where to put this but I just had to put it somewhere

I have just bought some earrings from Polly (Miss Polly Designs) and they are beautiful, I know she is taking a break from making her soaps and creams and I have only just found out that she is making other things

They look lovely in her photos but in real life they are even better, stunning! I have found a new addiction I can't stop buying them, the detail is so good

I would put photos on here if I knew how to I am hoping that Polly will put some on

I am really envious of people who are good at a whole range of crafts but I am not I can only make soap etc.  I always think that Bambi is truly gifted too

Title: Re: Polly's earings
Post by: Helen on April 10, 2013, 06:16:48 PM
Aw... that's lovely Loretta and Polly's going to be so pleased when she see's this.  Not sure where this should go but it might be good in general or craft discussion (?) if a mod could possibly move it.

Thanks Loretta, it's a lovely review  :buttrf: :buttrf: