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Title: Loads & loads of stuff for sale!
Post by: Denise on March 22, 2011, 01:24:10 PM
Righto, when I first started soapmaking I bought looooooooads of stuff (as you do!). I now find that I have too many of the things I don't use and not enough of the ones I want/need! Soooo, I'm having an absolutely ruthless clear-out, to raise funds for some decent moulds.
I don't want to sell things separately, as it costs too much in time, p&p and paypal fees, so I've put everything together and weighed it and it will go by HDNL for £7 postage. Someone with more patience could sell on the things they don't need separately  :)
I would like £65 & the £7 postage for the lot. I thought I'd ask on here before I put it on EBay.

1 Soap cutter (the basic single loaf one as sold on SP)
1 6-bar plastic mould
1 single round ivy deco mould
1 single round silicone multi-rose mould
1 9-little hearts mould
800mls Sodium lactate
400mls Organic avocado oil
400mls Glycerine
350mls Rice Bran Oil
600mls Fractionated coconut oil
600mls Castor Oil
1 kg Rice Bran Wax
250g Olive wax
500g Cornflour/cornstarch
1 kg Citric acid
30mls Ethox preservative
25g Tussah silk
24g BTMS
100g Pure creamed coconut
22g Cetearyl glucoside
47g Emulsifying wax
50g Natrasorb
50g Emulsifying powder
500g Cetearyl alcohol
250g Goats milk powder
50g Titanium Dioxide
25g Ultramarine pink
25g Ultramarine Violet
10g Pearl mica
25g Calendula petals
100g Angelica root
50g Chamomile flowers
100g Alkanet root
45g Rose petals
Bag of dried orange slices (30-ish)
100g Ground rosemary
100g Chamomile powder
100g Alfalfa powder
100g Blue poppy seeds
50g Nettle leaf
100g Rhassoul clay
100g Fullers earth
20g Honey powder
100g Beetroot powder
Book- Self-sufficiency in Soapmaking by Sarah Ade
Book-Soapy Love Squeaky clean projects using m&p
Book-Melt & pour soapmaking by Marie Browning
Book-Handmade soapmaking by Melinda Coss

Title: Re: Loads & loads of stuff for sale!
Post by: TerrisGold on March 22, 2011, 04:28:50 PM

Hi there Lilli, I shouldn't really as I've just bought some stuff.................but I'd like to buy yours as well!

I'll email you, if that's ok.


Title: Re: Loads & loads of stuff for sale!
Post by: Denise on March 22, 2011, 05:08:16 PM
Hi Theresa,

Got your email and sent you a pm  :)